The Top 15 College Experiences

I took a commemorative walk around campus today, and as I circled buildings, I had flashbacks of crazy or fun or terrible moments throughout the years. I’m not the only one to accomplish many of these, and they sure wouldn’t have been much fun alone. These events were definitely worth the memories.

So, here’s a list of the 15 most college-like events I have experienced in these past four years (although there are many more).college

1. Waking up in the middle of the night to see my freshman roommate staring at me, naked.

2. Exploring new study niches around campus.

3. Falling asleep in the library after hours (and being woken up by a librarian cleaning).

4. Throwing up after my first neuroscience class because I was so nervous….and failing the class several months later.

5. Recording a music video of “Do-Re-Mi” at 3 a.m.

6. Dressing up as Scary Spice for Halloween.

7. Stealing plates/silverware/toilet paper/cookies from campus because we were out.

8. Crying to a professor about my grades.

9. Tanning on the front lawn.

10. Drinking campus water that tastes like metal.

11. Almost getting fined for building too big of a snow fort.

12. Climbing on the University Center’s roof.

13. Playing campus-wide Capture the Flag.

14. Getting food poisoning from dining hall food.

15. Finding a casserole in the dorm hallway.

…..16. Graduating – tomorrow.


Morning Glory

I’ve learned many things throughout my college years. From how to make a pot of coffee to what it takes to write an essay worthy of an “A,” I wish I would have written them all down. I’m confident my list would have covered an entire wall.

Some of the lessons were about college life, some about my education and some about myself.

A good chunk of what I’ve learned is bound to stay with me a very long time while some will slip through the cracks.

During my freshman year, and into my sophomore, nearly any night of the week I could be found in the library. Surrounded by books and drowning in caffeine, I was awake until the wee hours of the morning – my prime time.

I did well under pressure but would get too distracted anywhere except those stiff, wooden chairs.

Three and a half years later, and a little wiser, I can barely focus enough after 10pm to look at my planner.

Living in a house with my own space, I don’t have much of a need to go to the library.

I can do my homework earlier than the day before.

I happily sleep 8+ hours for the majority of the week.

And contradictorily enough, my most productive time is in the morning.

It’s heavenly to me when I can calmly wake, start a pot of coffee/tea, read the news and work on homework.


I think I’m ready to graduate now that I’ve found my peak hours. Saturday mornings aren’t filled with cartoons anymore but rather peace and quiet.

This is one lesson that’s sure to stick.