Subconscious Conscience


With this Midwest winter lasting what feels like an eternity, clearly many of us are counting down the days until we can comfortably take a walk outside, go jogging without a parka and have a picnic that’s not on top of a snow mound.

The past few weeks, I have been dreaming of the beach. It’s always different – and somewhat crazy.

I don’t ever remember the full dream, but last week I dreamt I was trudging along in a snowstorm with moccasins on (a horrible, soggy decision). I was going to give up and fall into the snow when I saw a buoy ahead of me. I knew there must be water near. Once I had gone far enough, there was indeed, a beautiful beach!

Most recently, I was dreaming of relaxing in the warm California sun (a beautiful escape from reality). I flew back to Chicago and the “border patrol” said I was refused entrance into the Midwest – on account of being too tan and becoming a traitor of Wisconsin.

I don’t remember how that one ended, but I’m sure they revoked my Midwestern accent that day.

To all my fellow Midwesterners, I apologize for betraying you in my thoughts. Here’s to several more months of winter!

Dreaming of Books

I’m a dreamer and most people already know that.

I dream of big ideas and small ones. I have dreams that shouldn’t be shared because of their pure absurdity and other dreams that should be shared. Lately, I have been dreaming of a library. Dream big, right? 

I’ve been dreaming of a library ever since going to the campus library. It’s boring and cold most days. If I had a study like people do in movies – the ones with huge chairs, warm with plenty of candles, and rows and rows of books. Old books too. The kind you can smell the second you break open the cover, with a broken spine from being read so often. Classics and Moderns alike.

I want a big, full library someday.

Oh, to dream is a beautiful thing.

When Traveling Meets Studying

There’s a time in every study abroad student’s semester when they must put their wandering, travel heart aside, and focus.


I understand this is the whole reason I’m in England, but what. a. drag. How does anyone expect me to study when I’m a two hour train ride away from Paris? When the sun is finally shining in dreary-weather England? When I haven’t had any homework in almost six months?

It’s probably an even harder task than when I’ve been focused on homework all semester and the final is simply a cultivation of my work. This way, it’s my one chance to shine or flop. 

If only two worlds could collide – study sesh on some gorgeous rooftop terrace.


A girl can dream, right?


But the World Cannot Be Seen Through a Television

These days, you can see just about anything on a TV. Reckless teenage life, how things are discovered and manufactured, “reality” shows, millionaire’s houses, even the best travel spots in the world. Some things though, they should be seen in person. Those things are worth more than an hour on the couch.

So while I’m not certain about many things, one thing I am certain of: the world is to be seen. I think it likes all the attention! I mean the wonders of the world – what if no one ever saw them? What if great sights turned mundane? What if I decided I chose TV over travel? I’m sure people would reprimand me. And I hope they would! I wish more people would slap my wrist and command me to witness more of the world.

For this 20-something, when I travel somewhere, it’s like a drug. You don’t need to tell me twice, I want to see more and live crazier. It’s like a dare to take more risks.


The double agent in me wants to crawl in bed, watch a movie, and stay in the comfort of my parents’ house. The lazy part of me, and probably the responsible part. That’s the voice inside reminding me that money has a meaning, a job is necessary, blah blah blah. It seems as if there’s no compromise.

For today though, I can pretend. I can pretend a job is something of the past. Fearless living is not only dreamed of, but an accomplishment. My suitcase is willing to follow wherever I go. And each day is an adventure.

For today, I can travel the world.