I Dream of Cambridge

Cambridge, England.

A wonderfully historic city, filled with secret niches, places of quiet beauty in gardens and courtyards and parks, and the sites of students and professors engulfed in one town. If I were to think of a dream place to study, it would be at one of the dozens of colleges under the umbrella of the University of Cambridge.

This place is known for more than a placement for the studious. It has the River Cam running throughout the city, claiming to fame “Punting.” A mix of stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, and riding on a gondola. They also have tens of thousands of bikes traveling at any one point. It’s like a craze for the locals, and a danger to the ignorant visitors. While I’m still getting a handle on looking the correct ways crossing the street, I was not on the lookout for bikes. It could have been a tragedy more than once.

All in all, words are not enough to portray Cambridge in a way that does enough justice. History. Books. Water travel. Bikes. What more could you ask for? I am in love with this city. xx





Dear God, Please Give Me An English Accent

I’ve been here almost a month now. You could basically call me a local!

I was actually asked to give directions yesterday, I could have cheered out of excitement – until I couldn’t tell the lost person the right directions. I hope they eventually found their way after I confidently gave them excessively vague directions to an unknown place. But that’s neither here nor there because that woman believed I knew my way around! Woohoo!

I have caught onto some phrases I’ve been a little too scared to use, but come one day I will flawlessly execute the use of them in conversation.

I have to go to the loo. – Bathroom

Oh, that costs a fiver or five quid. – Five pounds

Hiya! Cheers! – Greeting and salutation

I’m rubbish at cricket . – Garbage or bad

Where’s the launderette ? – Laundry room

Finish a sentence with “xx” – Like xoxo but without those pesky hugs

You all right? – Greeting like “How are you” where a response almost isn’t necessary, not to be confused with a genuine inquiry about my wellbeing

Bloody!! – somewhat of a vulgarity

(And my favorite) Bugger Off! – Get lost

Now the only thing I need is the accent. Fingers crosses it will come. Im not holding my breath, but… I can’t wait.

Dance Party of 1

It was like any other morning… in Wisconsin, that is. I woke up, brushed open my curtains to see SNOW.

I thought this was only supposed to happen like once a winter over here? I am no longer in the Midwest, this shouldn’t be happening. Nonetheless, I was ready early for my 9am class, which was also surprising. I prepared for the frozen tundra I was about to walk into and upon opening the door I was so shocked I had to laugh.

God surely has a sense of humor. It was basically a small blizzard for the British, yet for this Wisconsinite it was a horse of a different color. Although it had snowed, it was almost 40 degrees already. I could’ve gone without the 7 layers and my mittens. It was pleasant outside! As I made my way to class I was in pure enjoyment. This morning felt like a little piece of home brought to England.

Usually I have two classes in a row on Mondays, but not today. During my first class, the professor announced the second class was cancelled. I actually chuckled out loud. It’s 11am and I don’t have any plans for the rest of this wintery wonderland. Soon after taking the long way back to my flat, just so I could enjoy the weather, my friend and I had decided to go for a walk. It was picture perfect, breezing through the woods with such satisfaction.

To top of this day of blessings, laughs, and snow-dreams I had a dance party. By myself. To this song. Don’t judge.

Listen up and dance.
Then learn to laugh at this crazy and unpredictable life.

Onto Bath, Not to Bathe

Today, new territory was traveled: Stonehenge and Bath.


Stonehenge, as it turns out, is indeed a set of rocks. It probably didn’t help my attitude that it was pouring rain. I do love history though so it was worth the wet walk.

This was until I saw the 18th century architecture in Bath. After a gorgeous walking tour my mind was completely made up that this was my favorite town visited so far. From the Roman Baths filled with natural warm spring water, to the structures and river flowing throughout the city, to the mineral-rich drinking water that was to die for. Every second I saw something I loved.

What historical and prime cities piece together England!





Even though the pictures don’t do justice, these were breath-taking sites.

I’m Beginning to Like it Here

Uh Oh. We all know what that means – I’m never coming home. I’m going to find a husband, live here forever. No, No. I just could picture myself here. I’m past the “Visitor” mark now. Week 3. It’s kicking in that I’m not just passing through, but I better settle in. And that’s finally starting to happen.

The closest route to all my classes has been found.

The nearest grocery store, not just the biggest, is known.

A running route through the town center has been made.

My first flight to France is booked for March.

Two of my professors actually know my name, whether or not it’s because I’m “The American.”

The lesson has been learned to always carry an umbrella, even if there’s not a cloud in the sky and I’m just walking across the field.

It’s getting familiar to take public transportation wherever I go.

I’m capable of walking to the other campus without needing to wipe the excessive sweat off my forehead.

I can finally sleep through the night without waking up and thinking it’s the afternoon.

The cutest little bookstore has been located.

It’s no longer a surprise to wake up and look out the window to see dreary skies.

And even after all these things, I still have held onto a few of my tourist characteristics. I had to ask another student in the library where the @ button was on the keyboard, I still haven’t figured out how to order a plain black coffee without getting an americano, and I take pictures of simple things like mailboxes and bus stations.