For the Love of Dancing

Some days I unknowingly enter into this mood where I need to get up and move. I need to dance.
It’s fairly silly and highly unreasonable, considering I am not a dancer. I don’t dance, and I don’t try to – as a general rule. I’m like Kevin James’s character in Hitch, with only a few humiliating moods. People would tell me not to dance if only they knew what it would look like.


This afternoon, I was in one of these “moods.” I just had to dance and luckily, no one was home.

I danced my heart out, freeing myself from the stress of school, the worries of my future and everything else.

Try it yourself and watch your worries melt away into the the rhythms of your moves.

[Extra points if you go for the Q-tip, making a pizza or starting a fire dance move]

Sweet, Sweet Freedom

7 Semesters down – 1 to go.


Thank goodness this semester is over. Not having a job + 18 credits was insane. Luckily, I’m coming away with top-notch grades. Now time for the beloved R and R, holiday fun, and birthday celebrating. I can finally let my brain relax while watching endless hours of HGTV. Where you’ll find me? Napping on the couch. Sounds dreamy!

Let the fun begin!


The Days of My Youth

These are the days of my youth.

The days that last as long as time with friends. The days I feel free to roam the world.

The days I can run without fear and nap without worry.

The days filled with homework in the park, ramen noodle meals, and flip flops.

The days of my twenty somethings are to be remembered. cherished. loved. 

These are the days of my youth.