Dreary, Sunless Nostalgia

Although it resembles a past life, it’s been a mere six months since I was knee deep in tourism, budget airlines, and tea time.

It wasn’t too long ago I was in England, where the sun barely shines and the clouds seldom uncover the rays.

I could count the sunny days on one hand. And I’ll be the first to say it was a much better day when I could dare to wear my canvas shoes without the risk of ruining them in puddles (which sadly was the demise of my favorite Toms). I dreamed of brighter days. Warmer days. I dreamed of the sun and its rare visits.                                                             

Since rejoining the beautiful USA, I haven’t thought once of the sun or when it will be around next. It wasn’t even until this past week, when autumn weather finally made its appearance, on a rainy, dreary, windy day, that I appreciated the sun. It wasn’t until this day, that I looked above at the bleak shade of grey, and yearned for England.

I missed the bustle of the cities and the sheep-filled countryside. The homey villages and the dignified mansions. I missed those English accents and the frequent lingual mishaps.

But what I have missed and cherished the most recently: Those dreary and sunless days. 

British people don’t wake up to another, typical rainy day only to stay in bed netflix-ing the latest guilty pleasure or mull around town grouchy.

They move on.

They go on with their days. Still happy. Still loving life. It was as if they didn’t know it was raining. Which, at times I wondered if this is true.Image

(Taken by the talented Meagan)

Their inspiration is unruffled. J.K Rowling began writing Harry Potter in a small coffee shop, looking out this very window. I imagine many days her view of the Edinburgh Castle was similar to this. If she can find inspiration in the rain, not only am I impressed, but I’m encouraged.

Can we be like the British? Ya know, I think so.

I hope to not be an emotional rollercoaster based on the weather. I hope to wake up, glance out the window – rain or shine – and move on with my day. Move on with my day inspired again. How great would that be? Imagine a world full of cheerful people. Every. day.

That can be me. That can be you.



The Hopeful Weather-Watcher


To Hobby or Not To Hobby

I’m not a quitter. No, I don’t particularly enjoy quitting. Somehow though, along the way, I’ve lost my hobby.

I’ve had my seasons and phases.

The one I remember most vividly – rock collecting. That’s right, I was your average elementary/middle school girl that collected rocks of beaches, usually from Lake Michigan on walks with my outdoor-appreciating father. I had a rock polisher and a secret stash of favorites in the corner of my closet. It was a treasure.

I was into sports thereafter – volleyball, basketball, and softball. Starting second base for many of my teenage years, and proud of it. I loved being part of the team, the sound of crowds cheering, knees staining with dirt as a result of sliding into home. The smell of rain in late spring during practice. And slowly that too faded.


I had a go at singing, tossing around instruments one after another, testing out different sports teams, yet nothing stuck.

All in all, I think the thing with hobbies is that I don’t have one. Rumor has it they’re healthy and a good use of your time. Maybe I need to try them for a longer period of time or try for more accountability. Projects tend to become obsolete to me quickly and I move on. This time though I need focus and persistence. Stamp collecting, rollerblading, wine tasting. Too many choices – how could I ever decide. It’s almost like I should have started this years ago, but here I am with not yet a hobby.

Or is the thing with hobbies that some people aren’t wired for them? Maybe I am the exception. Maybe I should be thankful for an opportunity to not focus on one activity or collection, but a variety. I am in hobby-limbo. One day I can do parkour and the next be an equestrian. Hm. The world is my oyster.

Here comes the soul searching. I’m out to find a hobby, or run from the idea.

Stay tuned.