10-Day Forecast

What’s on the 10-day forecast, you ask? My college graduation.

Almost ceremoniously, my backpack ripped this week. It was a cry for help – telling me it’s ready to stop carrying books, notebooks and assignments. And I completely agree. I’m ready to take the weight off my back and do away with textbooks.

I’m ready for a new chapter. Not a new start, but a new piece to the puzzle.

Photo: Part of me wants to cry thinking of my last two weeks here, and the other part of me wants to dance on top of this sign in celebration.God has been preparing me for this. He’s been changing my worries into excitement, my plans into a purpose.

Most recently, I’ve seen how God was developing me for life after college: homework. It sounds like the craziest thing, but God knew I needed the push to release my grip from this university. I have been loving my classes, well most of them. I love writing articles instead of taking tests. I love practicing my interviewing skills rather than taking citation lessons.

For two semesters now, I have accepted my career-path change with motivation for the future.

And a month ago, just about the time I started thinking of all the “lasts” I’ll experience, homework became my downfall. I despised the way professors were making me, a 22-year-old student, write a summary of a chapter to prove I had read the required number of pages. I dreaded the petty assignments that held up only as busy work.

While these weren’t exactly new emotions since being a student, they were new in this field of fun technology, events and professors.

Little by little, I became okay with these feelings. They were helping me say goodbye to the town and school that has become my home.

In a few short days I’ll walk proudly across the stage. It will not only signify the end of my college career, but also the growth I’ve had throughout these four years. I can walk tall, knowing and thanking this college for the ways it has forced me to mature in ways I never knew existed.

I can walk tall – without tripping.

Bare Legs and Bike Pedals

I think all my dreams may have come true (see this).

The sun is out, and with it came my bare legs inside some running shorts. I brought my bike out of hibernation, sweating out this long, long winter as I rode through town.

And boy, does it feel good.

...mmm if this were my life

(Now if I can only find this coffee shop)

I may not be in great shape, but from my perspective – it’s being active outside or actively binge-watching Netflix.

Each day I find that I’m presented with choices, ton of choices. Eat grapes or cookies. Hit the snooze or embrace the day. Have a positive attitude or keep track of the negatives. Smile at someone or punch them in the face (kidding, but a real thought at times).

While many of our options seem menial, they can make all the difference in a day.

So choose what your day will be.

Choose to smile today. And a cookie.