Here’s to the Weekend

Happy Weekend.

Here’s to the lazy days, the one’s with soothing music and tea.

Here’s to the friends we laugh uncontrollably with, and sleep in on Saturdays with.

This is what weekends are made for.

Maybe today will be productive, and maybe I’ll take a long nap – but the beauty of it: I have options.

Let’s embrace the peace of these cold, winter-y Saturdays.


The Days of My Youth

These are the days of my youth.

The days that last as long as time with friends. The days I feel free to roam the world.

The days I can run without fear and nap without worry.

The days filled with homework in the park, ramen noodle meals, and flip flops.

The days of my twenty somethings are to be remembered. cherished. loved. 

These are the days of my youth.


Cathartic Walk

To a runner, walks seem close to a waste of a time. Why should it take me 35 minutes to walk somewhere when I can easily do it in 10 minutes running? It doesn’t make sense. Walks aren’t even an option in most runners’ minds. It’s a sign of weakness. A sign of giving up. Unless it’s at the end of 26 miles, walks are just the middle of the madness.

Me? They’re cathartic. A cleanse of emotions. There’s a trace of rebellion linked to walks that draws me in. It’s taking time in the busyness to rebel and slow it down. I don’t have to fight it any longer like I used to. In the past going on walks meant thinking rather than being.

Being is enjoying the pace, freeing your thoughts, feeling the freshness.

Thinking is panic, worry, mind-racing.

England has warmed me up to the idea. With too much time on my hands, it was the peaceful part of the calm. Unnecessary? Maybe. I had to find something to do with my time and sleeping suddenly seemed like a waste. What was there to do in a place with less than a dozen stores, no warm coffee shop, and no car?


I discovered new paths and sought out the best spots. I was lost on purpose. I gained a deeper sense of direction. I stumbled upon treasures. I bathed in the sunless days, the ones with misty rain, and the ones with compelling winds. I thrived in the sun-filled times.

I walked.