Bare Legs and Bike Pedals

I think all my dreams may have come true (see this).

The sun is out, and with it came my bare legs inside some running shorts. I brought my bike out of hibernation, sweating out this long, long winter as I rode through town.

And boy, does it feel good.

...mmm if this were my life

(Now if I can only find this coffee shop)

I may not be in great shape, but from my perspective – it’s being active outside or actively binge-watching Netflix.

Each day I find that I’m presented with choices, ton of choices. Eat grapes or cookies. Hit the snooze or embrace the day. Have a positive attitude or keep track of the negatives. Smile at someone or punch them in the face (kidding, but a real thought at times).

While many of our options seem menial, they can make all the difference in a day.

So choose what your day will be.

Choose to smile today. And a cookie.



Winter is Dead and Hope is Alive

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” – Anne Bradstreet

After nearly no physical exercise this winter (minus the yoga at home and the winter walks) I ran outside today. I ran in the 35 degree Wisconsin weather that is similar to a refreshing summer day. And although I am severely out of shape, the sun cheered me on and the melting snow puddled under my moving feet.

I was reminded of the gift of sun and comfort of warmth. It all brought me back to visions of England life, where the weather was always drab and those beautiful few days were filled with joy.

As we have endured, and will continue to endure as more snow arrives tomorrow, the cold winters build a foundation for thankful springs.

Author Anne Bradstreet had it right. All of our trials and challenges give us hope for better times. The times we are fighting ourselves and the tragedies of life, build a foundation for thankful times. 

If this is one of those not-so-great seasons in the valley of desperation, be reminded of the seasons on the mountain tops. Hold onto hope for a better, happier tomorrow but also be grateful for the growing season you may find yourself in.



Is this the real thing? Can it honestly be March 5, sun is shining bright and warm, 60 degrees? I think not. I’m calling your bluff, season greetings. As I ran and ran, doubting the realness of the weather, I saw this. A blooming flower. I know that is real. The purple cannot be fake. Even ignoring the dead leaves near it, there the beauty holds. Spring is near. Spring is upon us. Out with the dirty, cold rain and in with the heavy, sun-is-shining-and-its-still-raining thing.

In honor of spring, I welcomed the changing seasons with A Fine Frenzy’s – Now is the Start, dance party. Join me will you? Spring or no spring where you lay your head, know that it’s coming.

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”
― Virgil Kraft