Single in a Sea of Serious Relationships

Single in a Sea of Serious Relationships


I was compromising what I wanted to find in a boyfriend in the hopes of possibly being the next one in a serious relationship. My life seemed to be on some type of deadline now as I sat by watching my best friends, one by one, finding the person they’ll spend the rest of their life with. I had begun worrying about the quickest way to find a boyfriend, unhappy with singleness…

I had felt pressured my society’s ticking clock, forcing myself to settle down with the next guy I found. Is this you too? Read the rest of my post here.




College Freedom According to Me

Recently, I wrote an article for Dater’s Ed – an instruction manual for parents. Dater’s Ed is described as the driver’s ed of dating, and who doesn’t need a little help with dating? I know I sure do and could have used something like this as a teen!

I’m the new summer intern for Dater’s Ed, so all summer long I’ll be writing about my personal dating experiences and those of people I know or have heard about. Dating sure does have its ups and downs, and you’ll see a lot of different topics from my perspective.

This week’s article is about college freedom, how college changes a teen’s perspective on dating.

Read the full article here. From there you can check out my past articles on prom and summer romances as a teen.